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We are here to help you discover and rediscover yourself.
because life is AWESOME.

take back control

Feel amazing

climb your mountain

Is your life passing you by?
Are you in a rut of unhealthiness?
Do you lack motivation and drive?
Do you feel you have no direction?

Here @TheAwesomeLifestyleCo we want people to have the opportunity to live the most awesome life that they can. We want people to believe that life is awesome, because when you think about it, life is a pretty amazing gift!

But how do I make my life awesome, we hear you ask? Well, that my friend, is where we can help you! We offer lifestyle coaching, and personal training, whether it be face to face or online. Oh, and on top of this we offer some Awesome clothing to help with the whole ‘looking good, feeling good!’ vibe. Head to our Instagram @theawesomelifestyleco or Facebook page to check out our apparel.

The ethos of The Awesome Lifestyle Company is ‘Life is a gift. Everyday.’ Finding the right balance between work, family, physical activity, fun, relaxation is key to a successful life. Our aim is to help you gain the tools and find a solution to the imbalances of modern life.


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“I have been working with Clare and Charlie for the last 6 months and thoroughly enjoy my sessions. They care tremendously about their work and their clients. It’s this professionalism that is unusual and very motivational!”
Jo, 48

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