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Who are we?

Clare & Charlie Collins-Kelly

Kellie Barrett

Personal trainers

Lifestyle coaches

team awesome


Hey there Potential Awesome Lifestyler! I’m Charlie, co-founder of
The Awesome Lifestyle Company.

I am a Lifestyle Coach and Personal Trainer who wants to pass on to, as many people as possible, the ability to love life.


Having spent almost 5 years running a Mobile
Personal Training business I decided that I want to reach many more people and help them to live their lives to their full potential.


So here I am having created The Awesome Lifestyle
Company, along with my wife Clare, offering you the opportunity to create an Awesome Life for yourself.


I haven’t always had the ability or tools to enjoy my life as I do now. And to be honest I didn’t really know that life could be so great. I was lucky enough to stumble across a career change which, in turn, lead to a complete lifestyle change. My eyes were opened and I finally saw that


I was one of those people who sleep-walked through life just
putting up with the mundane because I didn’t believe there was anything else out there for me.

Now I cannot imagine being stuck in my previous life. The changes that I have made over the last decade make me proud everyday and give me the determination to continue to improve
myself. If I can help other people to experience the same it would an absolute pleasure.




Having turned 40 in 2013, I soon realised that I needed to find the right balance with nutrition and physical activity in order for me to embrace this new chapter and live my life to the full!


Being a mum to two adolescent children is both the most wonderful thing and a constant daily challenge. Getting
balance in my life was key to enjoying my work and my family.


Having spent 28 years caring for and working with children, and adults, with disabilities/mental health issues, I decided that it was time to start a new career which allowed me to continue
helping and supporting others. I was introduced to world of learning disabilities and mental health via my sister who has severe autism.


I want to make a positive impact on people’s lives
so I trained with the European Institute of Fitness to become an EiF Master Trainer and Nutrition Coach.

Life is there to be enjoyed. Keeping active and healthy contributes to getting out of bed with a smile on your face. Being fit and healthy isn’t necessarily about running 15km or spending endless hours in the gym. It’s about finding the right balance that works for you; a way of fitting physical activity into your life that you enjoy and makes you feel awesome.




I spent the majority of my career in a corporate environment so very much understand the stresses and strains of trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle whilst coping with a stressful career, and on top of that being a mum to two awesome kids.


At the age of 39 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  The subsequent gruelling treatment and addition of Tamoxifen for the forseeable future made me understand the terrible toll illness takes on body and mind.  During my recovery i used Personal Training with Charlie and Clare.  This helped me to feel good about myself again, rebuild my confidence, focus and regain control of my life.  I am over the moon to be part of #TeamAwesome and am keen to help others in their journey.


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