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Part of leading a fulfilling life is keeping physically active. Physical activity is vital for both mental and physical health. For some people it’s tricky implementing physical activity into life, whether its motivation, knowledge or time that creates a hurdle.


@TheAwesomeLifestyleCo we offer Personal Training in various forms, 1-2-1, Group PT, Family PT and Online. We understand that not everyone is born with a love for exercise. You don’t have to pound the streets running, do hundreds of burpees or beast yourself with high intensity training. You won’t hear us shouting like a military pt. Physical activity needs to be enjoyable for it to find a place in your life.

We love training people who are doing it to improve their lifestyle and health, not predominantly for aesthetic purposes. Not people who want to look like an instagram model. So if you want a Kim Kardashian butt you’re in the wrong place!



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